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About Us

I am Pollyana Carvalho, business woman of AirBNB and a Coach in Sales.

I am Pollyana Carvalho: a businesswoman in the branches of Airbnb and a coach in sales. I started to clean houses when I was very young to help the family that adopted me, and I really fell in love with it. To me, it is pleasant and harmonious. I know that people are exhausted coming home from work, and the last thing they want to do is clean their home. What matters most to me is making people happy after they see how I take care of their home with all the care, love and respect that they deserve. That makes me want to reach more people and make them happier with their homes. I try to be a great role model to children that have been abandoned by their parents, like I was. I show them that, even though their circumstances are difficult, they can still win at life. Thank you for helping me do that.

It is the passion of cleaning that creates a desire to provide fantastic service to each client. I strive to have a consistent experience for each client, new and old. I strive to provide the best quality at prices my clients will gladly pay. I want to be an expert in my field.

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☑ Secure, easy payment options.
☑ Monthly plans available with carpet cleaning.
☑ Organized, efficient, and trustworthy!
☑ Our #1 priority is YOU.
☑ We don't fuss with big franchises.

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